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"SEPTEMBER 12th" painted by renowned artist Garin Baker
September 12th - Copyright 2002 Garin Baker - All rights reserved.
"SEPTEMBER 12th" by Garin Baker
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MUST SEE New Video! Federal - NY Court & State Officers 9-11 Video

These Heroes may have been forgotten by the media and the press but the New York State Fraternal Order of Police did not let that stand. The FOP produced this awesome and reverent video Memorial for the F.B.I. Special Agent, Secret Service Master Special Officer, Department of the Interior Refuge Manager, FDNY Fire Marshal, New York State Court Officers and the New York State Investigators who gave their lives on the morning of September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York City. Go see this moving video Memorial and send everyone you know there; these Heroes of Law Enforcement cannot fade unnamed nor be forgotten! Help spread the word. The main URL for all of the NYSFOP Law Enforcement Memorial Videos is
Veterans Day and Memorial Day may come and go but don't forget those Americans who are asked to leave home and family behind to defend our safety by serving in the bitter cold of Afghanistan. This holiday season, many will not be home with loved ones and family; some are never coming home and those brave men and women who have given their lives in Operation Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle are memorialized in this uplifting Memorial video. Spend a few minutes learning their names and remembering those on the other side of the globe this holiday season. New York City remembers Freedom's Defenders, and so should you! September 11th Video Memorials

Welcome to the world's largest Police and Firefighters 9-11 Memorial site, containing nearly 90 minutes of modem speed accessible Flash® videos honoring the Members Of Service who made the ultimate sacrifice on the morning of September 11th. What makes this site unique is that it is all original and it's ambitious scope is something never attempted before by anyone over a modem. Our Guest Books contain thousands of messages from all over the world that are incredible and inspiring to read.

The23, the original, interactive NYPD Video, is a combined 1.3Mb size presentation that streams over a modem after the first three minutes; the FDNY Video is almost sixty minutes long, yet streams seamlessly over a modem after just a one minute pre-load; the seven minute PAPD Video is 2Mb yet streams seamlessly over a modem after a three minute pre-load; we splurged with the PO Ramon Suarez NYPD Video, it's 1.5Mb designed for faster connections (however, we strongly recommend that modem users let the seven minute load go in the background and view the video - it's a great video of a truly unforgettable Hero).

Beyond the technical aspects, each video is thoughtfully crafted with heart, good taste and formal New York dignity to transform the staggering statistics into the names and faces of the Police and Firefighting Heroes of September 11th. Maybe, you might get to know a few while you are here and perhaps your children may come away from the site with something important. We hope we've succeeded in that, although our primary goal for this ambitious project has always been an expression of gratitude to let the families of these Heroes know that they have not been forgotten. You can do that too just by leaving your name and city in the Guest Books to show your support.

If you choose, the Guest Books are a great way to express yourself to surviving members of the families of these Heroes that you may not otherwise have an opportunity to meet, wherever in the world you may be. Already, quite a few family members have left messages of their own. Their children read the messages too and there is strength in every word of encouragement. We've enjoyed a great experience with the Guest Books, without politics, hatred, division, just an outpouring of strength and unity.

We invite you to spend an evening or afternoon here on the Web with the Heroes of September 11th. Just select a video or a Guest Book from the pull-down menus on the right and get to know them. You've never seen anything quite like this on the Internet before; you will be saddened, you will be awed, but mostly, you will be proud.

Produced by PO Ivette Segarra NYPD (ret.) and James Arnett was inspired by P.O. Ramon Suarez of
the Twenty-three NYPD Heroes of September Eleventh.

Look closely at the names painted on the canopy. That's "Ramon Suarez - NYPD"
& "Peter Ganci, jr - FDNY" on this F-14 launching for a mission over Afghanistan. Thanks The Following Individuals

Special thanks to the New York State Fraternal Order of Police
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